Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just for laughs

Dick Cheney's Smoking Gun

Some of my favorite snippets:

  • Like so many of Bill Clinton's misadventures, this was nothing more than an accidental, messy discharge between two consenting adults.�

  • As scandals go this comic interlude is sillier than the uproar over the make-believe outing of a CIA agent who was operating about as covertly as Paris Hilton at the time.�

  • If Al Gore had shot somebody during the 2000 campaign he’d be president today. OK, he’d president of the Islamic Republic of the United States. But that’s still a kind of President.

  • [Liberals'] favorite game is “Six Degrees of Global Warming,” in which any weather pattern -- hot, cold, wet, dry, plague of frogs, whatever -- can be linked to so-called “global warming” in six moves or less.

  • For you “What Did He Know…?” fans currently playing along at home, remember: if you’re ever involved in a non-fatal hunting accident you’re supposed to call a press conference immediately, ideally while the victim is till bleeding. Whereas if you drunkenly drive off a Massachusetts bridge with a woman you’re not married to in the back seat of your car you can wait up to nine hours before reporting it.

  • Like a child’s favorite video played over and over, this pageant of irrelevancy has kept the Cheney haters occupied while the grown-ups continue to run the country, fight terror, keep Courtney Love off the streets, and so on.


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