Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Florida courts and teachers work hard to shaft students

Florida case underscores wrongheaded opposition to school vouchers
What Florida’s teachers unions consider a menace, and what Florida’s Supreme Court considers an affront to the state’s constitution, weighs 105 pounds, smiles shyly, speaks softly and wants to be a nurse. Octavia Lopez, 17, an 11 th-grader at Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School in the heart of Miami, was enabled to come to the school because of the smallest of three schoolchoice programs enacted under Gov. Jeb Bush.

There aren't words for how disgusting this is. The teachers unions are probably the single greatest force promoting poverty and ignorance in the world. They make Pol Pot look downright pro-intellectual.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Legally blind musher completes Iditarod

NOME, Alaska – Rachael Scdoris and her Iditarod sled dog team were navigating a treacherous cliff, crisscrossed with switchbacks, when her sled slammed into a thick spruce tree.

“It was the worst run I've ever done,” said the legally blind musher, who finished the 1,100-mile race early Saturday in Nome.

Scdoris managed to recover from the fiasco in the Alaska Range and crossed the Iditarod finish line in the post-midnight chill of the old gold rush town, becoming the first legally blind musher to bring a sled dog team more than 1,100 miles from Anchorage to Nome.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Brit girls torment one girl into quitting school, another into suicide

Telegraph | News | The girl who was bullied for being tall

Caroline Stillman, 6'3" at age 13, was bullied so relentlessly for being tall that she quit school. Morgan Mussen, a 6ft tall 13-year-old from Nottingham, died after taking an overdose of painkillers in 2001 because she couldn't face the school bullies.

Girls can be cruel.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Man dies after cop bars bystanders from performing CPR

This is beyond appalling.

Lawsuit: gay man dies after cop prevents CPR
A federal discrimination lawsuit was filed Thursday by the surviving family members of a man who died of a heart attack after the police chief allegedly prevented his friend from performing CPR.

…According papers filed in court Thursday Snead had begun performing CPR by the side of the road when Bowman arrived and told Snead to stop because Green was HIV positive.

When Snead didn’t stop the CPR, Bowman grabbed Snead by the shoulders and physically barred Snead from continuing CPR at a critical point in Green’s resuscitation. Snead, who had not realized at first that Bowman was a police officer, obeyed his commands.

While Green fought to stay alive, Bowman prevented anyone else from aiding Green until EMS workers arrived approximately 10 minutes later.

Lost in Translation (Just for fun)

Chinese menu

Perhaps brought to you by the people who translated this menu.

BTW, Asians seem to shorten "sandwich" to "sand" all the time. There was a shop called "Coffee and Sand" next to the school where I used to work in Incheon, Korea.

Courts trying to kill another baby parents want life for

Baby M.B. has a degenerative muscular disorder. His family lavishes him with love and attention, and want to be able to bring him home. Doctors and the courts want to yank his life support.

So much for "choice." They're only for "choice" if it's a decision for death.

Monday, March 06, 2006

CPS lets another child be killed

The Original Musings: Chalk Up Another One For CPS

Though the children's aunt and uncle were trying to adopt them, CPS adopted them out to abusive foster parents. The aunt and uncle got to learn from the news that their nephew had been beaten to death by his new "parents."

CPS is broken beyond repair. We need to scrap it and start over with something else.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just for laughs

Dick Cheney's Smoking Gun

Some of my favorite snippets:

  • Like so many of Bill Clinton's misadventures, this was nothing more than an accidental, messy discharge between two consenting adults.�

  • As scandals go this comic interlude is sillier than the uproar over the make-believe outing of a CIA agent who was operating about as covertly as Paris Hilton at the time.�

  • If Al Gore had shot somebody during the 2000 campaign he’d be president today. OK, he’d president of the Islamic Republic of the United States. But that’s still a kind of President.

  • [Liberals'] favorite game is “Six Degrees of Global Warming,” in which any weather pattern -- hot, cold, wet, dry, plague of frogs, whatever -- can be linked to so-called “global warming” in six moves or less.

  • For you “What Did He Know…?” fans currently playing along at home, remember: if you’re ever involved in a non-fatal hunting accident you’re supposed to call a press conference immediately, ideally while the victim is till bleeding. Whereas if you drunkenly drive off a Massachusetts bridge with a woman you’re not married to in the back seat of your car you can wait up to nine hours before reporting it.

  • Like a child’s favorite video played over and over, this pageant of irrelevancy has kept the Cheney haters occupied while the grown-ups continue to run the country, fight terror, keep Courtney Love off the streets, and so on.