Monday, February 27, 2006

Support Denmark!

Some of what people are saying and doing:

TCS Daily - The Most Important Nielsen Rating
In the wake of the Cartoon Jihad, as Daniel Pipes has called it,
Danish embassies have been attacked and burned, while Moslems are
calling for a boycott of Danish products. Meanwhile, those of us who
feel sympathy for Denmark are at a loss to know how we can stand up for
this tiny and beleaguered nation. There are those who had urged us to
buy Danish. But how many Danish plum hams and delectable Danish butter
cookies can you eat before endangering your waistline, and possibly
even your health? Certainly, there must be a low-calorie alternative.

In fact, there is a simple and less fattening way of standing firm
with Denmark. Buy one of the marvelous symphonies of the Danish
composer, Carl Nielsen (1865-1931). By doing this, you will not only be
showing your support for the Danes, but you will be discovering the
music of one of the most neglected of all the great composers.

Stand up for Denmark!
The incredible thing about the ongoing Kristallnacht against Denmark ... is that it has resulted in, not opprobrium for the religion that perpetrates and excuses it, but increased respectability! A small democratic country with an open society, a system of confessional pluralism, and a free press has been subjected to a fantastic, incredible, organized campaign of lies and hatred and violence, extending to one of the gravest imaginable breaches of international law and civility: the violation of diplomatic immunity. And nobody in authority can be found to state the obvious and the necessary—that we stand with the Danes against this defamation and blackmail and sabotage. Instead, all compassion and concern is apparently to be expended upon those who lit the powder trail, and who yell and scream for joy as the embassies of democracies are put to the torch in the capital cities of miserable, fly-blown dictatorships. Let's be sure we haven't hurt the vandals' feelings.

.... It was the arrogant Danish mullahs who patiently hawked those cartoons around the world (yes, don't worry, they are allowed to exhibit them as much as they like) until they finally provoked a vicious response against the economy and society of their host country. For good measure, they included a cartoon that had never been published in Denmark or anywhere else. It showed the Prophet Mohammed as a pig.... As I write this, the death toll is well over 30 and—guess what?—a mullah in Pakistan has offered $1 million and a car as a bribe for the murder of "the cartoonist." This incitement will go unpunished and most probably unrebuked.

.... And there remains the question of Denmark: a small democracy, which resisted Hitler bravely and protected its Jews as well as itself. Denmark is a fellow member of NATO and a country that sends its soldiers to help in the defense and reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. And what is its reward from Washington? Not a word of solidarity, but instead some creepy words of apology to those who have attacked its freedom, its trade, its citizens, and its embassies. For shame. Surely here is a case that can be taken up by those who worry that America is too casual and arrogant with its allies. I feel terrible that I have taken so long to get around to this, but I wonder if anyone might feel like joining me in gathering outside the Danish Embassy in Washington, in a quiet and composed manner, to affirm some elementary friendship.

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  • Friday, February 17, 2006

    Let's set an example

    abortionclinicdays: Accutane: The intersection of medicine and politics

    I'm seeing a lot of fatalism: "Everything that can possibly be done to drive the risks through the skulls of women on Accutane is being done. The responsibility now lies in the hands of those women themselves."

    But I think that more is possible. I think that it's possible to have a joint prolife/prochoice effort to prevent Accutane tragedies. The prochoice can make themselves available to help women remember to stay on their birth control. The prolife can make themselves available to help women remain chaste. We can let dermatologists know that this resource of 1:1 support is available. But how?

    Sad anniversary: Lisa Bardsley's death

    Lisa Bardsley, age 26, died in 1995 after an abortion by Arizona abortionist John Biskind. Biskind was censured by the state medical board for the death.

    Biskind went on to get into further trouble for delivering a live, nearly term infant during an abortion performed on a teenager, and for the abortion death of Lou Ann Herron. Herron's death got far more press than Bardsley's, whose death for some reason did not capture public attention or generate outrage the way Herron's death did.

    Biskind's license was finally revoked in 1998.

    The clinic where Lisa died was owned by abortionist Moshe Hachamovitch, who was implicated in the abortion deaths of Christina Goesswein, Tanya Williamson, Jammie Garcia.

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Prayers needed for sick little girl

    pray for candace

    Little Candace has some sort of infection that is eating away at her bones and soft tissue. She's had surgery, antibiotics, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Please pray for this precious child!

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Mercy Ships saves life of boy with cleft palate

    Read the story here

    Mamadou was eight months old, emaciated, and on the brink of death when he was brought onboard a Mercy Ship docked in the Conakry Harbor, Guinea. His cleft palate made him unable to take in food. Under the nurses' care, he gained enough strength to undergo surgery. The Mercy Ships' surgeon safely repaired his cleft lip and palate.

    As you can see, not only did Mamadou get a fine functional result, but a marvelous cosmetic result as well.

    There is more information here on Mercy Ships, and how you can contribute.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Why we need school choice

    In 72 hours, a private company did what government schools could not do in over 12 years

    ABC news took a virtually illiterate high school senior, sent him to Sylvan Learning Centers for 72 hours of tutoring. He went up more than two grade levels.

    Stop rewarding failure! Put parents back in control! Stop letting the NEA hold children hostage.