Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some people ought not to reproduce...

Sorry, but if you don't have time for sex, you don't have time for a baby. Still, IVF clinics in the UK report that many woman are demanding IVF because they want babies right now, thank you very much. IFV gives you a one-in-three chance of getting pregnant during that month's cycle, whereas having sex gives you only a one-in-four chance. Read Women bypass sex in favour of 'instant pregnancies'.

Does anybody else find this disturbing and, well, creepy?


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Michelle Potter said...

I'm starting to really have a problem with IVF. I know it's supposed to help families that want children, but... On the one hand you have sperm/egg donors or surrogate mothers to whom the process may be nothing more than a job. Or surrogates who are unable to distance themesleves from the child. On the other hand the parents are sometimes more interested in their desire for a child than in the child's needs -- like the need for a mother and a father.

And then, when circumstances are ideal, I wonder if we aren't thwarting some bigger purpose. For example, my grandparents were never able to have children. Eventually they adopted my father, a fairly disturbed child who never straightened out. But this is what put them in the position to be there for my mother, my brothers and I in our time of need after my parents' divorce. They were the biggest positive influence in my life. And they wouldn't have been there for me if they'd simply gone to a clinic and had a surrogate mother carry their baby.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger j2 said...

As a guy, yep! So now I can be relegated to the status of sperm donor permanently. Maybe there are a few guys who relish the idea that their sperm will be broadcast widely without any concern for who the mother of their offspring will be - or any care about their offspring for that matter. Heck, I'm basically a failure in most respects so no need to keep my sperm, just pay the most successful men for theirs. In a few generations there won't be much of a need for any men. I'll just go ahead and die quietly so as not to annoy any women who are much to busy solving the really important issues in life. No men will care about this either so don't expect a fight from them either. Life will be so grand then, don't ya think?


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