Saturday, September 10, 2005

Business leaders pushing Big Easy's recovery

this New York Times article notes something that's both amazing and, in retrospect, perfectly logical: the business leaders of New Orleans are already gathering, networking, and making plans to get their businesses -- and therefore, the city -- up and running again.

Corporations have been tracking down their workers, setting up command centers, and setting the course for recovery.

I have a suggestion. Similar organizations across the country ought to take the lead in making disaster plans for their own cities. They have the know-how that government bureaucrats constitutionally lack, and the motivation that a distant agency can't possibly have.

Folks, we need to stop looking to Washington for solutions. If the New Orleans business community had been leading the way, all their employees would have been safely evacuated and kept track of. Their customer base would have been looked after. It makes economic sense and it would be far more effective than asking politicians, whose primary skill is schmoozing, not doing things, to come up with plans to accomplish tasks they can't accomplish. After all, if they had the skills they needed to coordinate what New Orleans needed, they'd have been business leaders in the first place.


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