Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Another child dies in hot vehicle

A three-year-old Little Rock boy died after being left for five hours in a day care center van.

Marcellus Johnson was supposed to be the first child dropped off by driver Rancocas Foreman, but when traffic made a left turn difficult, Foreman skipped Marcellus' stop and dropped the other children off. He forgot about the boy, parked the van at his house, and left for his second job.

It was five hours later, at around 8 PM, when Marcellus' parents called the police, who called Foreman. Foreman had remembered the boy and returned home to check on him. He told the police he knew where Marcellus was and that the boy was "not okay."

We need to educate everybody who ever transports children, to always check the vehicle before leaving it. Every single time. In fact, we ought to be contacting whoever licenses day care centers, and other facilities that transport children in vans, and require that checking the van to make sure all the children are out of it is part of a checklist that the driver has to sign off on after every trip.

This is happening way too often.


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