Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Precious Doe" identified; mom charged

Okla. Mom Charged in Girl's Decapitation

Four years after a child's decapitated body was found near Kansas City, her mother was charged in connection with her death. Evidently the child, Erica Michelle Maria Green, was died two days after being felled by a kick to the head delivered by her stepfather. The couple didn't seek help for the injured girl because there were already warrants out for their arrest. The stepfather then severed Erica's head with a pair of hedgeclippers. He and the girl's mother then disposed of the body.

And herein we touch on another of my pet peeves: It's Jon Benet Ramsey until she bleeds out your ears, but missing or murdered Black kids just don't seem to be very newsworthy. A kid is missing, a kid is dead, it shouldn't matter what color her skin, what shape his eyes, what texture her hair. Every harmed child is an unacceptable tragedy; every child murdered or kidnapped or abused is an instance of an unacceptable crime. Precious Doe rarely got mention outside Kansas City. Mega cudos to the Kansas City community that they never let their own local interest in this case flag.


At 2:23 AM, Blogger echotig said...

I was so very very glad to see the story come to a close about Precious Doe. I have often wondered why certain stories get aired ad nauseum, and others are flat out ignored.

I am new to blogging and I think that the good people of the blogosphere are making a big difference in the world.

Thanks for writing about these difficult issues.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger GrannyGrump said...

I am heartened to see how the people of Kansas City took this child to their hearts, kept her memory alive, and kept searching for her identity and her killers. I do think it's that the national media tend to focus on white girls who are missing, especially photogenic, blond haired blue-eyed white girls. This, of course, explains the obsession with Jon Benet Ramsay. But Precious Doe was just as precious, and her murder just as heinous.

Ironic that this gets under my skin, since I'm a blond haired blue-eyed white girl, with blond-haired blue-eyed children and a blond haired blue-eyed granddaughter. But my kids and granddaughter are precious to me not because of the blond hair and blue eyes, but because they're children. And I think that we need to remember that first and foremost.


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