Saturday, May 21, 2005

Let's get this straight.

Prolifers are not opposed to stem-cell research! We're just opposed to gutting embryos to get the stem cells.

Why is this over here, not in RealChoice? Well, it is over there too. But it also belongs here because this obsession with cloning and gutting embryos is diverting badly-needed resources away from the adult or cord blood stem cell treatments that are already provoding cures. It is utterly immoral and irresponsible to be tinkering with helpless embryos in order to feel like God when all the stem cells you need to develop treatments are already there in the patient's own body. Not only are these Dr. Frankensteins killing embryos, they're allowing born patients to suffer and die needlessly because they're unwilling to focus on what actully has a proven track record:

Enough with gutting embryos already! Start treating ailing patients!


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